Tooth-Colored Fillings

You now have the opportunity to transform decay and dark fillings into a beautiful, natural-looking smile. With tooth-colored fillings, we can closely match the color of your teeth by blending and mixing various shades of composite resin, and restore them to a healthier, more attractive state. Tooth-colored fillings are as durable as their amalgam counterparts, providing a range of advantages:

Because they match your teeth, only you and Dr. Bass will know that you have fillings
The bond between your teeth and composite filling supports the remaining tooth structure, deterring breakage and providing insulation
Tooth-colored fillings last up to 10 years, as long as traditional fillings
A more conservative option, Dr. Bass can keep more of your natural tooth structure intact with tooth-colored fillings
While tooth-colored fillings are proven safe and effective, a small percentage of patients have experienced minor and temporary post-placement sensitivity following the procedure. There is also a small chance that tea, coffee, and other staining foods and drinks may alter the color of the fillings. To avoid this side effect altogether, you can have your tooth-colored fillings coated with a clear plastic sealant.

We embrace conservative dentistry. We believe itÂ’s best for you to keep as much of your natural smile as possible. Many times, we can detect a small cavity at your routine checkup and treat it with a tooth-colored filling, preventing more invasive procedures down the road.
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