Traditionally, braces are administered to straighten teeth and improve occlusion (the bite, or the way upper and lower teeth fit together). However, modern orthodontics provides options for cosmetic treatments that work well on adults and teenagers. If you believe that you or your child would benefit from orthodontic treatment, you may not have to see an orthodontist. Dr. Bass has training and experience in traditional and contemporary orthodontics.

orthodonticconsultation, we'll capture digital X-rays to evaluate the position of your teeth. Dr. Basswill also conduct an oral evaluation to assess the health of your teeth, mouth, and jaw joints. He'll assess your occlusion, as well.
For purely cosmetic cases, in which minor tooth movement can improve the appearance of a smile, Dr. Bassmay suggest short-term treatment. In some cases, adults and teens can opt for clear brackets, clear aligners, or tooth-colored bracketsfor a more inconspicuous style of braces.

For functional orthodontics, to manipulate occlusion and close spaces or create more room for crowded teeth, the doctor will design a custom treatment plan based on your or your child's unique situation. Young children may need phased treatment, with interceptive orthodonticsearly in life, followed by secondary treatment as an adolescent or teen.

Every case is different, and Dr. Bass appreciates the importance of truly customized orthodontic care. He will show you his findings on X-rays and explain your condition. Your questions are always welcome. The more you understand your case, the better prepared you'll be to make informed decisions about treatment.

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