Teeth Whitening

A brighter smile can make you look years younger. Studies show that white teeth may also improve your impact at job interviews. And the Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry research tells us that an attractive smile will make you seem more intelligent, friendly, and successful. It's no wonder that teeth whiteningis hugely popular.

Dr. Bass has evaluated many teeth whitening, or bleaching, products. He found that Lumi Brite Whitening system provides excellent results with minimal post-procedure tooth sensitivity. This one-visit treatment is perfect for patients who need fast results. If you plan to attend a wedding, reunion, job interview - or even have your portrait taken - LumiBrite teeth whitening is a practical and effective option.

Some of our patients prefer a more gradual color change in their smiles. Our professional-strength home whitening kits are ideal for this situation. Dr. Bass will create a custom-molded mouth tray to hold potent, safe bleaching gel against your teeth. Simply wear the trays as directed (usually a few hours a night) for about two weeks. You may notice results after one or two days of use, but the dramatic effects will occur in approximately 14 days of treatment.

Home teeth whitening may be re-applied as necessary when tooth enamel begins to dull or stain. Whether you begin with Sapphire or home treatment, you may use the home kit for touch-ups. Visit our smile gallery and read patient stories to see for yourself how Dr. Bass has improved lives with modern cosmetic dentistry .
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